Marquita "MB" Barrett

An artist with a mind for business and a rare creative gift; Marquita is the ultimate creative partner for any conceptual design project big or small. Marquita has over 20+ years of experience in the Art & Design field and is also an expert in retail management,  visual merchandising  &  business branding. Marquita is a rare find and a creative entrepreneur with true talent and a mission to help small businesses reach clarity & success through her critically acclaimed  branding + design work and is quickly becoming known for her Interior Plant Styling and Mural Art.

Marquita's work has been featured  in art shows, fashion shows, media & billboards and can also be found in local small businesses throughout the Greater Atlanta Area."  


Interior Plant Stylist & Plant Care Consultant

Looking to add an organic element to your production, small business or home space? Look no further. Marquita's keen creative sense coupled with her love and continuous study of plants make her the perfect partner for planning out your next set, indoor green scape, or personal oasis!

Work With MB!

Murals. Interior Plant Styling. Original Art. Digital Design. 

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