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How to Ace a Co-Ed Baby Shower in 5 Easy Steps

Ba•by Show•er: a party held for a woman who is expecting a baby, to which friends and relatives (typically female) bring gifts for the child.

Yes! We all know that by design a baby shower is for the “typically female” loved ones in your life if you are expecting. I for one have never been accustomed to staying too far within tradition. I live my life outside the box. So when we confirmed that we were not only expecting just one baby BUT TWINS; we knew it would be a big deal for EVERYONE in our lives both male and female.

The number One way to Ace a co-ed baby shower is to:


Make a realistic guest list (that includes addresses if you are sending invites via snail mail). Take a moment to remember some of the most fun times you’ve had with those you’ve invited and find a way to recreate the magic of those moments. For my husband’s circle some of the most fun is had laughing it up while passing the hookah! So guess what, hookah was on the guest list! Some of my most fun times with my friends and loved ones were conversing over a glass of wine, so you guessed it also LOTS OF WINE! (& of course Sparkling Rosé for the non-alcohol drinking mommy to be).

Just a few of the amazing gents in attendance with daddy the pilot! 🛫


My Husband and I consider ourselves to be beverage connoisseurs especially wine & whiskey. How could there ever be a party with out it!

The Outdoor Man Cave!


We put a lot of thought into which games would make the cut. Obviously there are A LOT of different baby shower games to choose from; but we wanted a specific level of participation from everyone in the room, guys and gals. So we went with 3 games • Jeopardy •Tinkle in the pot & •Bottle Chug. We also revealed the twins’ names and conducted a VERY strategic diaper raffle (as I’m writing this we still haven’t bought a single box of diapers OR wipes and we have TWINS!

Jeopardy was a crowd fave!


As you all will learn and see for yourselves in later posts WE LOVE FOOD. And not just any old food but GOOD, BEAUTIFUL, food. The shower menu was naturally a major topic for us because of the sizable crowd we were expecting as well as the mix of tastes that would be in attendance. Southern/Caribbean! We had lots of food catered from one of our local favorites at a great price and it was a HIT!

Stewed Chicken over Rice & Peas with tossed salad


We were VERY strategic about where our shower would happen because we had so many out of town guests attending. Why rent a hall for a few hours just to be kicked out by a certain time, then have to wonder where else everyone could pile up next to keep the vibes going? WE RENTED AN ARBNB! I searched for full spaces for 10+ guests in a specific area and tons of locations came up that also allowed events! This ended up being the PERFECT plan. It allowed us to keep the party going long after that last shower gift was opened AND tired mom & dad to be were able to stay the night in the same space as the shower right along with a few key guests who flew in from out of town. WIN! WIN! WIN!

Stay FABulous my friends!


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