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MB's Skincare Favorites

Skincare has always been more important than makeup to me. The way I see it is; If you take good care of your skin you wont have anything to cover up! In this post you will find the entirety of my current skincare routine, including products I swear by. Brands that are Black Owned have been specified with my very own official "Black Owned Brand Indicator".

If you're a dry skinned beauty like me, your skin will thank you for adding any one of these items to your beauty routine. Enjoy!

#1 Cleanse

Arguably the best face wash I've ever used. Each time I've tried Black Soap in the past it STRIPPED my skin causing me to give up on Black Soap altogether until now! This magical face wash by B.h.H. is full of naturally moisturizing ingredients like Aloe Vera and Tea Tree oil and is an instant inflammatory! It's the only thing that brought my postpartum skin back to glow status.

# 2 Tone

Anyone who knows me is aware of my affinity & appreciation for Bobbi Brown herself and her namesake beauty brand. ( I mean I didn't spend years at the BB makeup counter for nothing)! I use this face tonic as a first layer before moisturizing and its made all the difference in my skin because of it. If you're not using a toner before applying moisturizer, take it from me; it needs to be part of your routine!

# 3 Protect

I came across this brand in a humble search for Black Owned skincare brands and I'm happy I decided to try it, because it's now a staple in my skincare routine. This serum is so soothing and moisturizing to my skin and is packed with melanin loving ingredients like Baobab & Sunflower oils. Thank me later.

# 4 Moisturize

When I say dry skin? I really mean dryyy skin. If I don't use products that are packed with moisture and are oil based; forget about it. Just like all of the products from Bobbi's "Extra" collection this was created for my extra dry skin. This moisturizer helps me combat dehydrated skin on a daily basis. It also has an SPF of 25; because Black girls need sunscreen too!

# 5 Moisturize Those Eyes

I'm so happy I learned the importance of using eye cream at a young age. The skin around your eyes is much thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face so an eye moisturizer is an absolute must! This concentrated eye cream feels like a daily spa treatment for me and instantly revives my sometimes tired eyes.

# 6 Mask Up!

I'm not only glad I came across this brand but also this very product! Each time I use this mask my skin is beyond supple and extremely hydrated. Whenever my skin could use a pick me up or a surge of hydration I pamper myself with this extremely effective mud mask.

I hope you take the time to add a few of these products to your skincare routine even if its one or 2 at a time. Take it from me, these products WORK and your skin will thank you if you do!

Stay F.A.B.ulous!



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