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What is the F.A.B.ulous Lifestyle?

For the past decade & a half I have been expressing my self creatively and over the years my medium has changed multiple times.

What started out as art became fashion; as clothing became my new canvas. Fashion became beauty as the face became another new canvas, and the F.A.B. (Fashion•Art• Beauty) brand was born.

Overtime any thing I touched became one of the three. I began to plate my food beautifully and made sure that anytime I entertained family or friends that they not only had a F.A.B.ulous atmosphere to enjoy themselves in, but F.A.B.ulous food, drinks, and vibes to match.

As I continue to brainstorm content for The F.A.B.ulous Lifestyle blog, I become more and more

excited about what’s to come.

So what IS The F.A.B.ulous Lifestyle?

Its showing up FASHIONably.
Seeing all things as ART and relating to life through creativity.
Creating an atmosphere of BEAUTY for your spirit to flourish.
And doing these things not out of vanity, but to inspire!



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